Josh is the premiere voice control experience for luxury homes.
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A Home That Listens
Josh is the premiere voice control experience for luxury homes.
Convenient, Simple, Powerful
Intuitive voice control meets uncompromising power with Josh Micro, a multi-function home control interface with far-field microphones and a full home processor.
Josh responds to natural voice commands. Easily ask for your favorite song or TV show, set the ambiance, or control your environment.
Josh Micro makes it easy to turn your room on or off with a simple tap. Dim your lights, raise the shades, and set the volume using an interactive touch dial.
Far-field Microphones
Josh can hear you from the across the room, enabling powerful voice control from the comfort of your couch.
Powerful Sensors
Josh is able to detect motion, ambient light, temperature, humidity, and touch, making him truly smart.
Intuitive AI
The software behind Josh features some of the most advanced artificial intelligence (AI).
Fits Any Room
Josh has been carefully designed to fit the function and form of any room in the home.
Josh is custom designed and
built for high-end homes.
Remote Access
Monitor and manage all your properties from a single app on iOS, Android, and the web.
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