Sophisticated A.I. for
the Luxury Home
Uncompromising Privacy
At, your privacy is our paramount concern. We take pride in ensuring that you and your family are protected. Your data will never be sold for marketing purposes or third party advertisements. You also have the power to determine how much information your home collects. Our team is happy to provide you with these freedoms, which offer the potential for limitless personalization as well as unparalleled peace of mind.
Meet—Privacy Focused Voice Control
Voice control, naturally
Speak with your home in whatever way you feel most comfortable—Josh understands any number of nicknames for a device, room or scene. Our proprietary Natural Language Processing technology lets you speak to your home naturally, like you would a family member or friend.
Seamless smart home integration
Josh works with the best-in-class luxury smart home products. Don’t see a brand you’re looking for? Find more at
Artificial intelligence as unique as the homes it runs.
Pattern recognition
Josh learns without being intrusive or obnoxious. If you like the shades closed on a hot afternoon, Josh will take note of that preference.
Secure & private
Privacy is our number one concern. Your data will never be sold or used for advertising—we use it to make your home experience better.
Improving every day
Josh is always learning and growing. The more you interact with your home, the more it will become a true smart home.
Apps on iPhone, iPad & Android give you whole home control from anywhere in the world.
Meticulously designed, Josh blends into your home—no matter the style.