Lutron and

Illuminating the smart home experience

From inventing the modern electronic dimmer in the late 1950s to offering full automation across an ever-expanding suite of robust solutions, Lutron has continuously guided innovation in lighting, shading, and environmental control.

About the Partnership

When innovative brands come together, technology gets better and simpler for the customer. Homeowners can conveniently activate their entire environment or fine-tune a single device in whatever way best suits their lifestyle. The and Lutron compatibility is built upon compliance with enhanced security standards to ensure a private user experience.’s proprietary natural voice control and elegantly designed app are continuously optimized to support Lutron’s newest features.

Unlimited Control controls Lutron’s luxury smart home solutions using proprietary Natural Language Processing. Simply speak to Josh Micro as you would another human in your home.

"Raise all of the lights in the home."

"Close the shades 30% in the living room."

"Set the living room temperature to 70 degrees."

"Lower the speed of the fan."

"Open the left garage door."

Simple to Setup

Once the Lutron system is authorized, automatically detects and places devices in their respective room assignments. Within seconds, users can give simple commands like “Ok Josh, dim the kitchen lights and raise the living room shades".

Lutron Integrations

  • More Than Voice

    Josh Micro is equipped with a capacitive LED touch ring along its outer edge, which functions as a contextual slider that can be used to manipulate lighting, shades, and music volume. When a user gives a command to control light brightness like, “Ok Josh, dim the lights,” the touch slider is temporarily enabled to control the brightness for that room’s lights. Tracing a finger around the slider will then control the brightness of those lights. After a period of inactivity, the slider mode will return to its configurable default setting for that room.

    For Ketra control, Josh Micro’s LED slider displays a rainbow animation after a color-changing command is given. This allows for precise adjustments as homeowners strike the proper balance of an area’s pastels and saturated colors.

  • Supported Systems

    Josh integrates with the complete lineup of Lutron residential systems: Homeworks QSX, Connect Bridge, RA2 Select, Caseta, HomeworksQS, RadioRA2, and Homeworks Illumination.

  • Ketra

    With Ketra, the most innovative light source in the world, can be used to personalize lighting scenes, setting the right mood for the time of day or homeowner's preference. is proud to be a leading integrator of Ketra lighting automation across its manual and voice interfaces.

    • "OK Josh, turn on the reading lamp and make it tangerine."
    • "OK Josh, set the bedroom pendants to cool white."
    • "OK Josh, make the kitchen lights warmer."
    • "OK Josh, set the den to 3000 Kelvin."
  • Lighting Control

    An environment is designed so that its beauty comes to life and alters depending on the mood of its beholders.’s control of Lutron lighting empowers homeowners to efficiently transform their space with natural voice commands and touch action control like never before.

    • "OK Josh, turn off the lights upstairs."
    • "OK Josh, it’s too bright in the theater."
    • “OK Josh, raise the lights in the kitchen, dining room, and living room.”
  • Shade Control

    The natural beauty of daylight evokes an emotional response. Colors read true, finishes reveal their texture, and an uplifting quality pervades any room bathed in its natural ambiance.’s control of Lutron shading systems provides effortless and precise control of daylight.

    • "OK Josh, close the shades 50%."
    • "OK Josh, raise the blackouts at 8am."
    • "OK Josh, open the drapes a little bit."
  • Thermostats Control

    Heating and cooling accounts for nearly half of a home’s energy consumption.'s control of Lutron thermostats, as well as proactive recommendations geared towards resource management, help homeowners live more efficiently.

    • "OK Josh, turn the master bedroom thermostat to 69 degrees."
    • "OK Josh, I’m cold."
    • “OK Josh, it’s too hot on the first floor.”
  • Keypads

    Lutron controls are known for their elegant aesthetic, intuitive nature, and variety of control capabilities.’s integration of Lutron keypads offers an extension of their intelligent design by not only offering keypad access in the app, but also the incorporation of button presses in scenes that can be verbally activated.

    • "OK Josh, good morning."
    • "OK Josh, cooking lights."
    • “OK Josh, night time.”