Josh is always ready to help, but only listens when it is woken up. Simply address and activate your Josh microphone with its wake word when you want to make a request. By default, the wake word to activate a Josh Micro and Josh Nano is “Ok Josh.” The wake word can also be changed to “Ok Home” or “Hey Micro.”
Every property has different needs, and Josh provides clients with complete control over the access that each resident and guest has to their home's technology. All Josh clients are guided through an account set-up flow that enforces strict password requirements and user roles. Authentication is required by users when logging into the Josh App through their mobile phones and tablets.
When AI Learning is enabled, Josh is always improving based on how clients are interacting with their smart homes. If AI learning is disabled, Josh will not be able to optimize a client’s experience based on his or her usage patterns or behaviors.
At Josh, we believe that our clients and their Home Technology Professionals should have complete control over their smart home’s privacy settings. Josh’s settings enable users to permanently delete their system’s Chat History at any point. However, erasing command transcripts may limit both Josh’s ability to learn as well as a Home Technology Professional’s ability to troubleshoot challenges in the event that support is necessary.
Josh hardware is tuned to be at our clients' service when needed. There is balancing act to optimize the availablity of Josh, while minimizing accidentally waking the Josh device. Accidental wakes can be triggerd by phrases similar to the wake word, and selectinig an alternate wake phrase is a good option for our clients that commonly use names/phrases that are similar to the wake word.