Dynamic Keypad

Cinema Remote's Dynamic Keypad features three-dimensional glass, providing tactile feedback with mechanical clicks, for intuitive TV navigation and environmental device control in Josh-powered living spaces.

Seamless Device Control

Seamlessly access devices with a user-friendly interface, contextual voice command, or by activating a scene. Take control with the Josh experience on AVA Cinema Remote.


Whether a homeowner wants to activate a "Movie Night" scene in their theater, a guest would like to initiate a "Good Night" scene in a hotel room, or an employee needs to launch a "Meeting Time" scene in a conference room, Josh.ai makes it easy with voice and touch control.


Cinema Remote's embedded near-field microphones provide convenient access to room-aware and whole-home voice control. Especially when it is easier to discreetly give a voice command due to background noise. Simply press the microphone icon to begin speaking to Josh, for example:

  • "Turn on all the lights in the house."
  • "Close the shades 10% in the kitchen."
  • "Set the living room to 70 degrees."
  • "Listen to jazz in the great room."
  • "Watch Netflix."

An Elegant Remote for Every Home

In partnership with AVA, Josh has redefined the universal remote control’s place in the smart home with custom experiences available on Cinema Remote and Home Remote.