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Tuning the smart home experience to the right beat.

Sonos was founded in 2002 with a simple vision - help music lovers play any song anywhere in their homes. That mission inspired the invention of the multi-room wireless home audio system and significant innovation around intuitive user design. This focus on the user experience included a quick and easy setup process, integration with any technology or streaming service, and delivering superior sound quality regardless of the environment. Today, Sonos continues perfecting its product range with the mission of inspiring the world to listen better.

About the Partnership and Sonos share the goal of intuitively simplifying home technology. The integration offers music lovers the flexibility to play their favorite songs, artists, albums, or genres using’s natural voice control and elegantly designed app. As each company innovates, additional features like grouping audio zones, ducking volume, and broadcasting Josh Micro's response through VoiceCast will continue enriching the user experience.

Unlimited Control controls Sonos’ range of products using proprietary Natural Language Processing. Simply speak to Josh Micro as if you have a personal DJ in your home.

“OK Josh, listen to Rolling in the Deep by Adele.”

"OK Josh, play Mozart in the Kitchen, Dining Room, and Library.”

Simple to Setup

Once is deployed, each Sonos device is automatically detected on the network and assigned to its proper room. Within a matter of seconds, also pulls compatible streaming services signed into the local Sonos account. As part of the Distributed AV workflow, Sonos Ports and Amps are then configurable as input sources that are routed across audio zones throughout the home.

Sonos Integrations with Josh

  • VoiceCast

    VoiceCast projects’s verbal responses through Sonos speakers in the home instead of through Josh Micro’s internal speaker. This innovative feature is exclusive to the Sonos and integration.

    To configure VoiceCast, simply go to the settings icon of the Josh Micro tile that corresponds to the room its Sonos player is located in. Then scroll down to the VoiceCast drop down menu and select the Sonos device that broadcasts to that room.

    VoiceCast currently is supported with the following Sonos products: Sonos One , Sonos One SL , Sonos Amp , Sonos Play:5 , Sonos Beam , Sonos Port

  • Advanced Music Control makes it easy to experience your music in an intuitive way:

    Play Song:

    • "OK Josh, play Paint it Black."
    • "OK Josh, listen to Piano Man by Billy Joel."

    Play Artist:

    • "OK Josh, play Dave Matthews Band."
    • "OK Josh, listen to music by Michael Jackson."

    Play Album:

    • "OK Josh, play the album The Wall by Pink Floyd."
    • "OK Josh, listen to the White Album."

    Play Genre:

    • "OK Josh, play relaxing music."
    • "OK Josh, listen to 90’s radio."


    • "OK Josh, stop the music."
    • "OK Josh, pause the music."
    • "OK Josh, resume the music."
    • "OK Josh, play music."
    • "OK Josh, skip this song."
    • "OK Josh, listen to the next song."
    • "OK Josh, play the previous song."
  • Volume Control

    With audio ducking enabled, users will never need to compete with their music when giving Josh Micro a command. Once activated with the wake word, lowers the volume of audio in the room to allow for anyone to speak in a normal tone.

    • "OK Josh, make it louder."
    • "OK Josh, raise the volume."
    • "OK Josh, turn up the volume in the living room."
    • "OK Josh, volume down."
    • "OK Josh, lower the volume."
    • "OK Josh, make it quieter in the kitchen and bedroom."
    • "OK Josh, turn down the music"
    • "OK Josh, it's too loud in here."
    • "OK Josh, set the volume to 20%." (Percentage adjustable from 0-100%)

    More than Voice: Josh Micro is equipped with a capacitive LED touch ring along its outer edge, which functions as a contextual slider that can be used to manipulate lighting, shades, and music volume. When a user gives a command to turn on music like, “Ok Josh, listen to The Beatles,” the touch slider is temporarily enabled to control that room's audio. Tracing a finger around the slider will then adjust the music volume. After about 30 seconds of inactivity, the slider mode will return to its configurable default setting for that room.

  • Grouping

    Music lovers can enjoy their tunes however and wherever fits the mood by grouping audio zones through verbal commands or the app:

    • "OK Josh, play Coldplay in the kitchen, living room, and patio."
    • "OK Josh, listen to party music everywhere." (activates every audio zone in the home)

    In the app, users can see what speakers are currently active and group desired audio zones together to seamlessly extend the experience throughout their home.

  • Content

    Compatibility with Sonos favorites allows to access playlists or stations on any streaming service.

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