Crestron and

Unleashing the limitless power and convenience of smart home automation

Since its founding in 1972, Crestron Electronics has carved the path for technological innovation. Through scalable and customizable solutions, Crestron continues transforming the way people live their lives, making day-to-day tasks easier along with improving efficiency and productivity.

About the Partnership

Crestron SIMPL and HomeOS support offers the convenience of in any environment no matter the system's complexity. The combination of natural, contextually aware voice automation with Josh Micro and intuitive manual control using the app results in a connected user experience like never before.'s power over Crestron lights, shades, thermostats, audio, video, and scenes uniquely provides the ultimate in smart home customization.

Unlimited Control directly communicates to Crestron SIMPL and HomeOS devices using proprietary Natural Language Processing, simply speak to Josh Micro as if an assistant is awaiting your request.

“OK Josh, dim the first floor lights.”

"OK Josh, close the shades 30% in the living room.”

"OK Josh, set the living room to 70 degrees.”

"OK Josh, turn off the fan.”

"OK Josh, listen to Mozart in the living, dining, and kitchen.” *

"OK Josh, watch Inception in the theater.” *

* Only supported with SIMPL

Simple to Setup

Once Josh Micro is deployed, the Crestron system's configuration is automatically detected via the SIMPL module or the Home authorization token. Within seconds, enjoy the freedom of adjusting the state of rooms and devices with natural voice commands.

Crestron Integrations with Josh

  • Crestron Home currently supports native control of the following Crestron Home devices to reduce installation time, optimize supportability, maximize the effectiveness of voice commands, and provide the best user experience:

    - Lights
    - Shades
    - Thermostats
    - Locks
    - Scenes
    - Quick Actions

    Coming Soon:
    - Distributed Audio/Video control

  • Crestron SIMPL Windows currently supports native control of the following Crestron SIMPL devices to reduce installation time, optimize supportability, maximize the effectiveness of voice commands, and provide the best user experience:

    - Lights
    - Shades
    - Fans
    - Switches
    - Thermostats
    - Distributed Audio/Video
    - Scenes

  • Crestron TSR-310 Remote

    As the only third party microphone currently compatible with, the Crestron TSR-310 remote integration provides a similar experience to talking to a room-aware Josh Micro. Conveniently press the microphone button on the remote, speak naturally, and let Josh take care of the rest.

  • Lighting Control

    An environment is designed so that its beauty comes to life and alters depending on the mood of its beholders.’s control of Crestron lighting empowers homeowners to efficiently transform their space with natural voice commands and touch action control like never before.

    • “Ok Josh, turn off the lights in the kitchen."
    • “Ok Josh, it’s too bright on the first floor."
    • “Ok Josh, raise the lights in the foyer, dining room, and family room.”

  • Shade Control

    The natural beauty of daylight evokes an emotional response. Colors read true, finishes reveal their texture, and an uplifting quality pervades any room bathed in its natural ambiance.’s control of Crestron shading systems provides effortless and precise control of daylight.

    • “Ok Josh, raise the shades 30%"
    • “Ok Josh, close the blackouts at 10pm"
    • "Ok Josh, bring up the blinds a little bit"

  • Temperature Control

    Heating and cooling accounts for nearly half of a home’s energy consumption.'s control of Crestron thermostats, as well as proactive recommendations geared towards resource management, help homeowners live more efficiently.

    • "OK Josh, turn the living room thermostat to 70 degrees."
    • "OK Josh, I’m warm."
    • “OK Josh, it’s too chilly on the first floor.”

  • Audio/Video Control

    Once the SIMPL AV Room and Source modules have been programmed, will automatically know what AV sources are accessible in each area of the home. This hardware agnostic approach allows to seamlessly support any system design no matter the complexity or components. As long as Crestron is the routing backbone, will be able to communicate from endpoint to endpoint. The interface has been designed with dealer feedback and guidance, allowing installers to set up complicated distributed AV workflows accurately and efficiently, without re-doing their original programming.

    The end result enables the user experience of walking into a theater, and asking, “OK Josh, watch Mad Men.” understands the request is coming from the theater, utilizes a knowledge graph to find Mad Men on Netflix, determines which AV source can provide that content, informs Crestron to route that source, activate the video environment, and -- like magic -- Mad Men starts playing!