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Since its founding in 1946 as the Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation, Sony has instilled in itself the spirit to "do what has never been done before." With that challenge to innovate in mind, Sony has continued to release countless "Japan's first" and "world's first" products.

About the Partnership

The Sony and partnership transforms the luxury home entertainment experience like never before. The combination of natural, contextually aware voice automation with Josh Micro and intuitive manual control using the app results in a powerful array of user experiences. Enjoy direct control of Sony TVs, projectors, and receivers while setting the mood with the perfect content.

Unlimited Control directly communicates to Sony devices using proprietary Natural Language Processing, simply speak to Josh Micro as if an assistant is awaiting your request.

"Ok Josh, turn on cable in the Den."

"Ok Josh, watch ESPN"

"Ok Josh, watch Inception"

"Ok Josh, it's movie night"

"Ok Josh, listen to Maria Maria by Santana"

Simple to Setup

Device compatibility not only results in an unmatched client experience, but a seamless set-up process for the system integrator as well. After connecting to the network, Josh auto-populates Sony devices, accelerating the deployment process for custom installers. Configuration of HDMI inputs and AV outputs are visibly diagrammed in the Josh portal for intuitive setup. Once the system is completed, users are able to walk from room to room and simply ask their Josh Micro to turn on their desired content.

Sony Integrations with Josh

  • Sony Smart TV

    Once a Sony XBR TV is authorized in the Josh Portal, its location and input assignments are configurable for optimal performance. The current functionality allows for natural speech commands to power the TV on/off, adjust volume, and switch inputs between sources. For the best experience, add a Roku and supported cable box to enable deeplinking to streaming services and channels respectively.

  • Sony Projector

    Similar to TVs and receivers, projectors may have a “Simple IP” control setting that should be enabled, which allows Josh control when it is turned off. Most projectors will need to be authorized with a code as well, like the pre-shared key for TVs.

  • Audio and Video Control

    When adding a receiver or amplifying device, it is important to tell Josh where the audio and video outputs are located in the home. The Josh distributed AV framework presents the flexibility to switch receiver inputs between sources, which correlate with the respective AV outputs in that room.