J* Privacy Policy

J* does not send SPAM or sell or rent email addresses!

About the Information We Collect

J* is a site to experiment with J*'s AI. You create a profile which may then be linked to your friends to create your network. To do this we display certain information to people within the network such as your first name, age and any optional information you provide about yourself. Your email address is not shared with anyone unless you are asking them to connect to you as a friend. Your date of birth is not shared with anyone except your immediate friends, though your age is always shared.

Information Collected by J*

J* asks for certain information such as your name, email address, gender and date of birth.

Information Obtained from Your Computer

J* also collects the type and version number of your browser as well as your computer's IP address. We use this for general administration of the website - including for tracking down fake accounts.

Sharing of Your Information

We do not sell, rent, share, trade or give away any of your personal information unless required by law. At J*'s discretion, information may also be released on any fake or libelous account to anyone wishing to pursue legal action.

Anonymized data may be shared for purposes of conducting scholarly studies, but no personal information (names, email addresses, etc.) will be released.

How We Use Your Information

We use your information principally to enhance your experience using the web site. Links available on the home page and elsewhere may be shown because they have relevance to you. Also to minimize irrelevant communications from us to you, any email communication from J* will be sent only to those members to whom it might be important.

It is also used is aggregated form (i.e. as statistics like 12% of members are under the age of 20) and in that form may be widely distributed.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are used to maintain your session with J*. So if you do not have cookies enabled, at least for J*, you will not be able to use the site.

We also use cookies to store information such as your email address so that you can log on automatically. You activate this feature when you join or log on by asking the computer to remember your email address and password. To prevent someone from logging on as you, you should use this option ONLY on a computer where you will be the only person with access.

There is also an option to have just your email address remembered. This is a good way to simplify log on on a shared computer without compromising your account security.


Your membership information is protected by a password. This prevents unauthorized access to your membership information. If you feel your password has been compromised, use the "Account Settings" section of the site to change it.

You can use the Access History page in "Account Settings" to see if any unauthorized accesses have occurred.

Email from J*

From time to time we may send email with information about changes and improvements to the site, other information that relates to your membership or general news. You can control whether this information is sent to you using the features in the "Account Settings" section of the site.

We never send attachments with any email. If you get an attachment on an email purporting to originate from J*, do not open it since it is likely to be a virus!

Messages on J*

The messages you send on J* are private. They are not normally read by anyone on staff. However, in the event that some message you send generates a complaint from another member for harassment or other violation of the terms of service, those messages that you have sent to that member may be reviewed by a member of staff to see if an actual violation has occurred.

Contacting Us

A list of contacts for J* can be obtained here.

If you have any questions about our website or this privacy policy, please feel free to contact us.





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