ROKU and

Enhancing the at-home streaming experience

Since its founding in 2002, Roku has been pioneering the streaming entertainment experience. Roku's mission is to be the streaming platform that connects the entire TV ecosystem around the world. Today, Roku devices are used by millions of consumers and have become the No. 1 TV streaming platform in the U.S. as measured by hours streamed.

About the Partnership and Roku share the goal of making technology simple, efficient, and a joy to use. Seamless integration enables's natural language processing to launch streaming apps, videos, shows, and movies with the Roku remote following along every step of the way. Additional features like play/pause control and navigational commands to scroll through menus provide users with the flexibility to cut the chord like never before.

Unlimited Control directly communicates with the Roku operating system using proprietary Natural Language Processing. Simply speak to Josh as if a friend is holding the remote.

“OK Josh, open Hulu”

“OK Josh, watch Game of Thrones”

“OK Josh, watch season 3, episode 4 of Ozark”

“OK Josh, watch Goliath on Amazon Prime”

“OK Josh, turn on Roku”

Simple to Setup

Josh works with all Roku Players and Roku TVs. All you need to do is give your Roku device a name and Josh will discover it extremely quick and easy. In a matter of seconds, you'll be able to tell Josh to pull up your favorite show or movie on any of your streaming platforms.

Roku Integrations with Josh

  • Roku and Josh Streaming Platforms currently supports native control of the following Control4 devices to reduce installation time, optimize supportability, maximize the effectiveness of voice commands, and provide the best user experience:

    - Netflix
    - Amazon Prime
    - Hulu
    - YouTube
    - HBO Max
    - Disney+
    - Peacock

  • Audio/Video Control

    Through its Control4 driver, understands what AV sources are accessible in each area of the home. Through this hardware agnostic approach, seamlessly supports any system design no matter the complexity or components. As long as Control4 provides the routing backbone, will be able to communicate from endpoint to endpoint. The interface has been designed with dealer feedback and guidance, allowing installers to set up complicated distributed AV workflows accurately and efficiently, without re-doing their original programming.

    The end result enables the user experience of walking into a theater, and asking, “OK Josh, watch Breaking Bad.” understands the request is coming from the theater, utilizes a knowledge graph to find Breaking Bad on Netflix, determines which AV source can provide that content, informs Control4 to route that source, activate the video environment, and -- like magic -- Breaking Bad starts playing!