Smart Home Integrated Technologies
Experience the smartest DIY, mass market, home automation assistant ever!

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"SHIT. SHIT. That's all I can say. SHIT."
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Advanced A.I.
Equipped with SHIT
This product has the most advanced cognitive personal assistant artificial intelligence. With RNNs and ANNs, our MLP is equipped with more NLP than backward-forward back propagating recombinant deep learning syringe networks. Experience SHIT and take part in next-level true autonomous AGI.

Lightning Hardware
Smart Home Integrated Technologies
There's so much technology packed into SHIT, we couldn't come up with a single word to describe it. That's why we needed an acronym. Smart Home Integrated Technologies is a semantic conditionally load-balanced logic microsequencer capable of so much statewide SRAM and DRAM to make your mother blink twice.
This is not a real product.
Happy April 1st.