Natural Voice Commands
Behind Josh is a complex voice recognition system that understands the way you speak. That means you’ll be understood when you say things like:
Play some Marian Hill.
Dim the lights and watch Stranger Things.
Can you open the shades halfway?

Customizable Event Triggers
Josh can orchestrate the entire home, commanding lights, music, shades, and more!
A single tap on the top of Josh Micro activates the microphone. It then patiently waits for a voice command. With the Josh app, you can customize the single tap to run a scene instead.
Double tapping Josh Micro mutes the device by default, meaning the microphone won’t listen until unmuted. Customize the double tap to run any scene as well.
Dragging your finger around the LED ring will adjust the volume of Josh Micro. Once you’ve given a command, you can make adjustments to the latest action. For example, if you say “Play music,” you can then adjust the volume, or if you say “Open the shades,” you can adjust the height.

Josh Micro LED Ring
The LED ring is Josh's non-verbal way of communicating. Here’s what the most common colors mean:
Spinning Blue LEDs
Your Micro is waiting to be connected to the internet. Follow the setup directions here to configure the device.
No Color
Your Micro is patiently waiting to be woken. Say “Okay Josh” to wake the device and give instructions.
Spinning Red-Orange LEDs
Your Micro is muted and can’t hear your requests. Double-tap the dog logo or use the Josh app to unmute.
White Fluctuations
Your Micro is speaking. If you can’t hear anything, your device volume may be turned all the way down.
Pulsing Rainbow
Your Micro is processing a command. Give it a moment to respond to your request.
Spinning Rainbow
Your Micro is awake and listening to your command.

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