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An Automated Thanksgiving Meal
Global Caché and Form Strategic Partnership
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The Evolution of the Home User Interface
A Brief History of Voice Control
Say Hello to Google Home
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Top 10 Business Cards from CEDIA 2016
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Whole Home Voice Solution Launches at CEDIA 2016
A glimpse into the UI of
5 Things We’re Looking Forward to at CEDIA 2016
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Amazon Echo with — More Voices, Sonos Support, and Complex Commands
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The Smart Home’s Killer User Interface
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Why the Smart Home Isn’t a Winner-Takes-All Market
Why a CI (Custom Integration) Home is Different than a Mass Market Home
The Story Behind the Logo
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What's Wrong With the DIY Smart Home Market Today
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Startup vs Big Company: A College Perspective
So You’re Starting a Tech Company? Here’s How We Hired Our First 10 Employees.
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I’m a Self-Proclaimed Expert In Watching TV. Listen to My Opinions.
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8 Fantastic Resources for Coding & Beyond!
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Is Facebook’s M making a fool out of us?
10 Reasons Python is Awesome
Why Sears, Target, & Walmart are all Betting Big on Home Automation
The Internet of (Somewhat Insecure) Things
Smart Home Design Inspiration II
I made a computer pretend to be a computer that’s pretending to be a human. Here’s what happened.
A curated list of speech and natural language processing resources
Smart Home Speakers: Why We Love Sonos
Why Quirky Failed
What Does it Mean to Understand Language?
Why Startups are Better than Wall Street
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Stop Getting Distracted
Startup or Big Company?
Smart Home Design Inspiration
Designing the User Interface of the Future Home
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9 Reasons Why Now is the Time for Artificial Intelligence
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The Internet of Disconnected Things