Ava and Josh.ai

The power of Josh.ai in the palm of your hand

AVA is a Swiss-American manufacturer of connected home products, with a focus on home control and audio streaming. Their AVA Remote is an elegant, handheld touch screen device and the world’s first Google-certified remote control. It uses the full power of the Google Play Store to enable the download and use of native Android apps for smart home systems and device control, from providers such as Josh.ai, Sonos, Lutron, and so many others.

About the Partnership

AVA Remote puts the power of Josh.ai in the palm of your hand with natural voice control and an elegant user interface. In a Josh.ai smart home, each location-aware AVA Remote becomes a vital and always-available touch device companion that empowers clients like never before. Unlike a smartphone, AVA Remote is never locked and always ready so that anyone can use it. Effectively expanding upon Josh.ai's inclusive and intuitive home intelligence platform.

While AVA Remote adds a complementary touch interface for Josh.ai systems, the dedicated "Speak to Josh" microphone button on its home screen increases accessibility to contextual voice control throughout the smart home. Thanks to Josh.ai and AVA's collaborative innovation, users will be delighted by continuous enhancements and new capabilities.

The Josh Remote

The Josh.ai remote’s interface tracks the state of its assigned room's TV to ensure a seamless user experience. Whether a video zone is activated with a voice command, automated scene, or another remote, the Josh.ai remote UI is always aware of its status and adapts accordingly based on the control capabilities of the active media source.

Built to scale for residential, commercial, and hospitality environments, the Josh.ai remote UI is customizable for every client. Personalize its interface with a unique background image, add or remove the voice button, and set kiosk mode for immediate access to fit any project's needs.

Josh Scenes

Josh.ai provides limitless possibilities for clients to set the perfect mood in their living spaces. In addition to the Josh.ai remote interface offering dynamic TV control, locking in the scene view enables users to seamlessly activate all of their connected devices.

Customize each remote's configuration with up to eight scenes applicable to its assigned room. Whether a homeowner wants to activate a "Movie Night" scene in their theater, a guest would like to initiate a "Good Night" scene in a hotel room, or an employee needs to launch a "Meeting Time" scene in a conference room, Josh.ai makes it easy with voice and touch control.

Voice Control

The embedded Josh.ai presence on AVA Remote provides convenient access to room-aware and private voice control. Especially when it is easier to discreetly give a voice command due to background noise. Simply press the microphone icon to begin speaking to Josh.

“OK Josh, turn on all the lights in the house.”

“OK Josh, close the shades 10% in the kitchen”

"OK Josh, set the living room to 70 degrees.”

"OK Josh, Listen to jazz in the great room.”

"OK Josh, watch Netflix.”

"OK Josh, lock the front door.”

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Josh integrators can purchase AVA Remote and other AVA products directly from the AVA Pro Store by signing up below.